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Learn More About Using the Visual Model

    Use the Visual Model

    Support Caregiver's Use of Embedded Intervention

    The Visual Model supports caregivers' use of embedded intervention by:  

    (1) showing a summary of the plan for embedded intervention between provider visits, and 

    (2) building caregivers' competence and confidence to develop and use their embedded intervention plan  

    Engage Caregivers in Decision Making

    Providers can engage caregivers in decision making about their plan by: 

    • Talking about whether caregivers want to continue supporting the same priority child skills  

    • Talking about what worked or didn't work during a routine 

    • Identifying specific strategies caregivers have used (i.e., Do all the pieces still "fit?"),  

    • Talking about who else might support the child during routines 


    Initially, providers support caregivers to complete the plan using the Visual Model. As caregivers become more competent and confident to take the lead in development and use of their plan, the provider decreases support. 


    The Visual Model includes space to write responses to each of the 5Qs answered throughout or at the end of the early intervention visit. The plan should be written in the caregivers' words. 

    Visual Model Graphic.png
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