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Implement FL-EPIC


On this page, you will discover the three parts of FL-EPIC. These include coaching caregivers (SOOPR), embedding intervention (5Q), and making a plan (Visual Model). Take a look at the parts below.

What is FL-EPIC?

Florida Embedded Practices and Intervention with Caregivers (FL-EPIC) is an approach to early intervention service delivery where providers coach caregivers to use strategies during everyday routines that support their child's development and learning.

Part 1: Implement SOOPR Caregiver Coaching Approach

“SOOPR” stands for how early intervention providers coach caregivers to use embedded intervention strategies.  Providers and caregivers set the stage for coaching (S), observe what caregivers and children do in their everyday routines (O), support opportunities for embedded intervention (O), problem solve and reflect with caregivers (P), and review a session and make a plan with caregivers for what will happen between the current and next caregiver coaching visit (R). When providers use SOOPR to guide their visits, they support caregivers to help their child learn skills that are important for the child and caregivers. 

Part 2: Answer the 5-Question (5Q) Framework

When caregivers embed intervention, they are providing learning opportunities for their child in everyday routines. There are five questions (5Qs) that help caregivers plan for and do embedded intervention: What?, When/Where/Who?, How?, Why?, and How will we Know it’s Working? Providers support caregivers to consider the 5Qs by using the SOOPR caregiver coaching practices.      

Part 3: Use the Visual Model

The Visual Model is used to develop and summarize the 5Qs and caregivers’ plan for embedded intervention between provider visits.  Caregivers and providers talk about each part of the Visual Model to build caregiver competence and confidence to lead the planning and embedded intervention that will happen between visits.

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