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Child in helmet.
Asian mom helping her kid building blocks
Child and mom.
Mom holding baby.
Couple with Daughter
Dad kissing baby.
Baby eating.
Mom and dad holding baby.
Mom and child kiss.
Mom kissing baby.
Girl smiling.


Welcome to Florida Early Steps Learning Center - a central location for learning modules, Tools for Early Steps Teams (TEST) Toolkit, and learning communities.

Woman typing on laptop

Learning Modules

Expand your knowledge about supporting children and families.

Dad with son


Find tools you need to support children and families.

Dad with kids on computer

Learning Communities

Connect with others to build a community that supports children and families.

Providers at workshop

Our Roots

A passionate collective of practitioners, families, coaches, administrators, and researchers making an impact in Florida.

"I have learned so many great strategies through Early Steps. It is so exciting to see the accomplishments that she [grand daughter] is making. I am extremely grateful for the help we have been given."

Grandmother, FL

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